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    May 9, 2006 


 [ 01-29-2006 ] Cortina d’Ampezzo Goergl win!
Goergl win with 2.34.08,second place for Forsyth 2.34.11, 3th place Mancuso at 2.34.38. Rienda out.
 [ 01-29-2006 ] A good meteo condition on today’s race
A nice sun for the giant slalom in Cortina. Start at 9.45am, 54 gates.
 [ 01-28-2006 ] Downhill in Cortina, Goetschl win!!
1st place for the qeen of Tofane, Renate Goetschl, 2nd place for Mancuso Julia, 3th place for Goerg.
 [ 01-28-2006 ] Race postponed at 1.00 pm
Today’s DH race will start at 1.00 pm.
 [ 01-27-2006 ] Race postponed at 1.00 pm
Due the new snow of this night, the race is deleyed at 1.00 pm