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Interviews to the first three classify

Sonja Nef
Some words about my staff. I have chosen to have a personal trainer, thanks to a convention with the national Switzerland," in this way I’m more competitive, also if the costs are directly supported from me." She is happy of this choice (Brunner is the trainer).
This choice has borne in the 97, with Nadig, her programm has been studied to find a physical perfect shape, and in this season the results arrive. Additionally Brunner is a big friend and all become simpler. She after the accident on the 99 has found the way to become to the best in these two years. Today all has been easy for her also if she has attached to the maximum. " After have won the cup of Giant slalom specialty, what does thing think for the World Championships? "I’m calmer, but I WANT to try to win there, each time the objective change, it is normal in this sport." and she leaves with her fantastic smile.

Allison Forsyth
What could you say of the first podio of the season? "It Was a challenge for me, today, I am really happy of this. Already last year had done the podio, besides the competition has been long, but beautiful."
I hope to do well also to the worlds, my ski is ok , and my physical shape is ok too.
We are a young team and we are very united, we are able to work well together and we enjoy us with good results" Which are your next program?"
I will not do the next super-G, but I concentrate on the technical specialties for give the maximum for the next World Championships.

Michaela Dorfmeister
She has been sorry for the result, but hoped better, " okit is the same" adds Michaela. The reasons are due to the multiple races that she has participated. Are you preparing for the World Championships ? "Yes I will do all the disciplines. " She is going strongly, means that she has a very good shape. Micaela hopes well for the next competitions."