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Interviews to the first three classify

Regine Cavagnoud
She confirms her situation of excellent shape, she has acquired faith in super-G. Question:" Renate, in super-G are strong, but not the same in downhill, how is this possible? " I prefer the super-G, because it is a kind of instinctive competition like my ski-feeling," surely like specialty prefers her."
The training of this summer has given me quietness more and I'm more relaxed during the competition. "Would you prefer the World Championships, or the World Cup?" surely the World Cup. The Championships are a competition like an other, the World Cup is a different thing.

Turgeon Melanie
"Being here is always beautiful and I try always do all the best" declares Melanie. Third podio, I have more faith in myself, and the upcoming World Championships are an other competition to give the maximum. The Cavagnoud today was unbeatable, but I hope to beat her next time.
How can you say for the next programs? " A short break in Santa Caterina, in order to prepare the World Championships and begin to prepare and setup the ski. She answers afterward to a Canadian pressman, happily, because she is becoming famous also in his country.

Renate Goetschl
"Unbeatable Cavagnoud today, her competition has been perfect", say during the conference Renate, "and for the title all could change in a week. Again two Giants slalom and then I will concentrate on the World Championships.
How many races will do you in St.Anton? " Three surely, but I hope to participate to four.
How was it the super-G slop today? " Perfect."