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Interviews to the first three classify

Isolde Kostner
To the question "do you feel closer to the World Cup?" she has replied:
I prefer concentrate me on the tomorrow competition’s and on the next Worldwide Cup of St. Anton, after will also think to the cup.
Despite the different conditions of the slop respect to the training tests, thanks to the excellent materials she has been successful, with a little bit of fortune to arrive in front of all.
In order to win, continual the Kostner, I should give the 110% always attacking to the maximum, but at the end whoever wins who makes a mistake in less.

Renate Goetschl
To the question "how do you feel today?" she has replied:

I am not very contented of the second position, I have committed some errors that have compromise my victory.

Isolde has gained in the second part of competition tapping his talents of smoothness.

Regine Cavagnoud
To the question "despite the excellent times in training proof, you today are only third, how does it happen?" she has answered:
the slop conditions were different, the snow was softer and the visibility was not optimal.

Today I aimed to the victory, but I am however happy for this result, the snow conditions was to me unfavorable.