19-20 January 2019
Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

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To be always up to date and live Cortina Classic starring

Goggia bows to Vonn after her last race. Shiffrin takes the torch from her captain 
Sunday’s super G will be the 100th in Cortina’s race history
Stuhec and Vonn check out the course. The Italians finish close to the leaders 
“Save our planet. Stop climate change”: this is the message printed on the athletes’ bibs which will be… 
Fondazione Cortina 2021 will host the downhill race cancelled in St. Anton, Austria
Discover here how to reach Rumerlo Finish Area 
Positive snow control for the Queen of Speed 
Fan Buses available on 19 and 20 January 
All the news about the 2021 World Championships’ slopes, while the 30th edition of the Ladies’ Ski World Cup… 
The Swiss champion secures the 24th success of her career and claims victory on Olympia after a year away… 
The American reclaims her crown, while Goggia makes an error at the Schuss and the public holds its breath…. 
The favourite, Lindsey Vonn, and last year’s winner, Lara Gut, both beaten

Cortina celebrates… 
The American athlete is the fastest again in the second training run on Olympia delle Tofane.
Three thousand people a day will gather on Olympia delle Tofane to enjoy the spectacular World Cup.
The American champion knocks out the opposition in the first timed training run.

The Italians do… 
The public at the Olympia delle Tofane take the Italian athlete to their hearts. She is the new star of… 
The Swiss athlete wins the Downhill for the first time on the Olympia delle Tofane. Joy for Sofia Goggia who… 
The new race suit for the Italian St.Moritz team is unveiled 
The Slovenian beats Gut and Vonn to the finish. Stuffer, Brignone and Goggia just behind the top athletes
Italian Rio medal winners team up with the Queens of Speed 
The first official act of the 2017 Alpine Ski World Cup has been concluded. Nicoletti thanks the Associazione… 
Bebe Vio meets the Queens of snow at the Ladies’ Alpine Ski World Cup in Cortina d’Ampezzo 
How to reach the Olympia delle Tofane 
The American athlete along the Olympia delle Tofane slope 
Tina Weirather won today’s superG, Lara Gut achieved the superG globe 
Lindsey Vonn is the Queen Of Speed, a special mention to Daniela Merighetti
There is a video for you! 
She wins also the superG in Cortina 
The special Olympics anniversary bib 
Follow us at 18.15
Nobody like her in downhill: 37 victories 
The American Lindsey Vonn leads also the second official training of the downhill in Cortina 
Follow us on Periscope 
The American Lindsey Vonn, with 1’39 “12 was the fastest in the first official training session 
..and he presents his flying split!
Welcome you all! 
Tomorrow morning at 11 am there will be the first test of the downhill 
The queen is already in Cortina and this morning she trained with the rest of the US team 
Don’t miss the Olympia delle Tofane backstage video! 
Men at work along the Olympia delle Tofane, on Tuesday the first downhill training 
People can hardly understand, when sitting in front of a television, how much work there is behind those… 
Take the opportunity of todays’ 20% off Tribune Fans tickets 
The International Ski Federation has today carried out the snow inspection on the Olympia delle Tofane slope 
..and she is waiting for you all! 
Do you wanna join us with the countdown? Watch the video! 
Are you still thinking about the best Christmas gift? Don’t worry: we have the solution for you! Give the… 
Get your 20% off ticket with the Autumn Promotion! 
Karen Putzer is sure of that and she reminds her victory in 2007 
In 2017 we will see a great show, with three days of high level adrenaline 
In 2017 Cortina will host three races, as announced today at the FIS Autumn Meeting 
The Official FIS Calendar 2015/2016 is out!  
Kristian Ghedina says “A 63 stars edition” 
A big party to the finish area.. with a surprise! 
Lindsey wins the Cortina superG, she grabs her 63rd win and becomes the winningest women’s World Cup racer… 
Starting time 10.45, follow us with the live broadcasting  
Awards Ceremony in Piazza Angelo Dibona, tomorrow the ladies superG 
This evening (6pm), Piazza Angelo Dibona 
The american racer is the Cortina downhill’s queen  
Downhill confirmed at 11.00 
Public Bib Draw in Piazza Angelo Dibona – Today a lot of work on the Olympia delle Tofane slope 
Information about ticketing for downhill and superG races 
The start tomorrow from Punta Anna at 11,00 – The super-G also slipped twenty-four hours – Tonight public… 
Discover the new programme of Cortina d’Ampezzo Audi FIS Ski World Cup 2015 
Cancelled the today’s race 
Find you nation and discover how to follow us 
Piazza Angelo Dibona crowd! 
Discover the events inside the events during this weekend 
Amazing italian victory in the downhill of the Olympia delle Tofane slope 
Today official downhill training 
Read here to discover how supporting the athletes  
Have a look to our 2015 photogallery 
New starting time for the Downhill  
Downhill on Friday and Saturday, superG on Sunday 
A lovely quote from the american champion 
Waiting for the superG: 6 days to go! Watch the video of the 2014 race 
Post your pic and share with #worldcupcortina 
Waiting for the downhill: 7 days to go! Watch the video of the 2014 speed race 
Positive snow control today, FIS says yes! 
The history of alpine skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo crosses three ages 
FIS has decided to further postpone the final decision ron Wednesday, January 7th 2015. 
The Cortina d’Ampezzo Ski World Cup Organizing Committee wishes you a brightest 2015! 
This evening, at 6pm, we will present the Cortina d’Ampezzo World Cup 
The World Cup Organizing Committee wishes you a Merry Christmas 
Tickets are already available online 
Spain will host the 49th Congress 
In the last of the four races on the Olimpia delle Tofane the young and talented Swiss hets the fifth… 
The Slovenian champion wins for the first time on the Olimpia delle Tofane – Second Marianne… 
The German champion Maria Riesch wins the downhill on the Olimpia delle Tofane course – On the podium also… 
The Austrian champion Elizabeth Goergl wins the superG on the Olimpia delle Tofane course – On the podium… 
Today during the downhill training the olympic champion Julia Mancuso has been the fastest racer, behind the… 
Downhill race on the Olimpia delle Tofane course cancelled due to the big amount of fresh snow, next weekend… 
Replacing of Cortina’s downhill race tomorrow (at 11.30am) – Half meter of snow pushed out of the course, but… 
Plenty of snow in Cortina, World Cup organizers have to cancel today’s training – Maria Riesch, Anna… 
Interview with the German athlete leading today’s training on the course “Olimpia delle Tofane” – Tina Maze,… 
The preparation of the slope and the finish area is in progress 
A copious snow fall has whithened the Tofane 
Only one month to the world cup in Cortina d’Ampezzo 
The on line application for media is now open. 
Turism and Winter Sports 
October 15th the annual plenum 
With flying colors the Olympia has passed the exam 

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