19-20 January 2019
Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

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Pursuant to article 13 of the EU 2016/679 General Regulation on Data Protection (“Regulations” or “GDPR”), “CORTINA 2021” FOUNDATION from here on out referred to as “Foundation”, provides the following information with reference to personal data provided by contractual counterpart – who undertakes to transfer these information to the interested subjects – as well as to the personal data collected for the marketing purposes indicated in this report.


  1. Treatment Controller

“CORTINA 2021” FOUNDATION with headquarters in Cortina D’Ampezzo (TV), Via Marangoni n. 21.


  1. Categories of processed data

Object of the processing are those personal data provided by the Interested Subject when the information are collected, such as: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number.


  1. Purpose of the Processing, legal basis and consequences of  missed conferral of Data

The Personal Data are processed by the Foundation for the following purposes:

a) Sending of service communications by email to complete registration and/or accreditation procedures promoted by the Foundation relating to journalistic activity;

b) Requesting and sending of communications with  journalistic background;

c) Sending invitations to participate in press conferences and/or presentations;

d) Fulfil the legal and administrative obligations to which the Foundation is obliged.

The legal basis applicable to the processing of personal data offered for the above specified purposes is the execution of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the Interested Subject pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 lett. b) of the GDPR, as well as the express consent of the Interested Subject pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 lett. a) of the GDPR regarding the particular data provided pursuant to art. 9 paragraph 2 of the GDPR. Without prejudice to the freedom in providing personal data by the interested one, please note that missed communicated consent to data processing specified in point 2) will make it impossible for the Treatment Controller to consider the candidate’s application within any personnel selection and assessment procedure. Any potential processing could be carried out on the basis of a legitimate interest of the Foundation, which intends to protect its own interests and rights as recognized by the regulations in force.


  1. Further treatment purposes and legal bases

The data collected may also be processed, after express consent of the Interested Subject, for the following additional purposes:

a)  sending informative and promotional communications relating to the services offered by the Foundation, as well as to the events and shows promoted and/or organized by the Foundation, or the conclusion of studies and statistical and/or market researches relating to voluntary services, both with traditional contact methods (paper letters, calls via operator) and with automated contact methods (e-mail, SMS, MMS, instant messaging systems).

The legal basis applicable to the processing of personal data provided by the Interested Party for the purposes referred to in paragraph 4 is the consent expressed by the same pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 lett. a) of the GDPR. It is understood that the consent to the processing of data for these purposes is purely optional; therefore, in case of a possible refusal to the processing for the aforementioned purpose, the data will be processed only for the purposes indicated in the previous point 3.


  1. Methods of treatment and data retention period

Personal Data are mainly processed at the Foundation with the help of electronic and manual resources to guarantee security and confidentiality. In particular, they may be processed in the following ways: recording and processing on paper support; registration and processing on computer support; organization of archives in both automated and non-automated form.

Personal Data will be stored in compliance with the provisions of the current legislation on the subject, for a period of time not exceeding the one necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are processed and in any case untill the attendance at the requested event. The criteria for determining the conservation period of the Data take into account the permitted processing period and the applicable laws on taxation, prescription of rights and of the nature of legitimate interests, where they form the legal basis of the processing. In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, Personal Data may be stored for a period subsequent to the one originally envisaged, in case of any disputes or requests by the competent Authorities.


  1. Scope of communication and transfer of data

Personal Data will be made available to subjects authorized for their processing within the Foundation only where necessary and for the purposes for which their treatment is allowed. Personal Data may be communicated by the Foundation, solely and exclusively for the purposes indicated, in addition to the competent Judicial Authorities where necessary, also to the following categories of subjects: companies providing IT services; Consortia and/or bodies connected to the foundation.

With reference to the Personal Data communicated to them, the subjects belonging to the above categories may operate, appropriately, as treatment controllers (and in this case they will receive appropriate instructions from the Foundation) or as separate treatment controllers. In the latter case, the Personal Data will be communicated only with the express consent of the interested parties, except in cases where the communication is mandatory or necessary by law or for the pursuit of purposes for which the consent of the interested party is not required by the law. If instrumental to the pursuit of the purposes indicated in paragraph 3, the Data may also be transferred abroad to companies located both inside and outside the European Union. Some of these foreign jurisdictions may not guarantee the same level of Data protection secured by the country in which the individual resides. In that case, the Foundation agrees that the Data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, stipulating, if necessary, agreements that guarantee an adequate level of protection and/or adopting the standard contractual clauses provided by the European Commission.


  1. Existence of an automated decision-making process

There is no automated decision-making process in relation to the data.


  1. Rights of the interested subject

At any time, the Interested Subject will have the right to:

• obtain from the Foundation confirmation that  the processing of its Personal Data is or is not undergoing and, in this case, obtain access to the information in accordance with art. 15 of the Regulation;

• obtain the correction of inaccurate data concerning him/her, or, taking into account the purposes of the processing, the integration of incomplete Personal Data;

• obtain the cancellation of its Personal Data, in the presence of one of the reasons set forth in art. 17 of the Regulations, where applicable;

• revoke consent, at any time, in cases where it has been previously provided. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent previously given;

• obtain a limitation of the processing of its data if one of the hypotheses referred to in art. 18 of the Regulations;

• oppose the processing of its Personal Data, for reasons connected to his/her particular position, where applicable.

The Foundation may request additional information before processing requests, if it needs to verify the identity of the individual submitting it. Under the GDPR, the Foundation is not authorized to charge costs for fulfilling any of the requests set out in this paragraph, unless they are manifestly groundless or excessive, and particularly if they are repetitive. In cases where an Interested Subject requires more than one copy of its personal data or in cases of excessive or unreasonable requests, the Foundation may (i) charge a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs incurred to process the request or (ii) refuse to satisfy the request. In these cases, the Foundation will inform the Interested Subject of the expected costs before processing the request.


These rights may be exercised by sending a communication by e-mail to the address: [email protected].


Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial appeal, the person concerned also has the right to lodge a complaint with a Supervisory Authority (for Italy: the Guarantor for the protection of Personal Data), if he considers that the treatment concerning him is carried out in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Further information are available on the website http://www.garanteprivacy.it. The Foundation undertakes to comply with all the obligations set out in this report. Interested Parties who may decide to propose appeals or complaints referred to above, are invited to contact us.

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