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Super G (ret. St. Moritz)
14 January

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18 January

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    June 22, 2004 

I am happy because today knew that I could be fleet, yesterday I have pushed much, but I today felt well, also if (you confide me have cooled), but today the visibility was better and knew like face the layout to the best. From Monday that thinks to the competition of today and she knew how to be strongly. I felt well on the ski and all has looked like me easy.

It is fantastic arrive on the podium for 3 times, I feel a few the queen of Cortina rather, if you want me I go back every time if I will have this results. I will go back however to do shopping. Now I will to go back home, in fact I’m leaving immediately. Thanks to everybody.

KILDOW Lindsey:
It is marvelous, I am happy, a big competition, I feel very well, the first podium, here on this is slope. She is"attacked" from the American journalists. I have heard my parents that have followed me on internet, seen the prohibitive time.
On the startgate hoped in a tenth place, to the arrival I have felt to faint. She is really happy, she tells to feel in a good physical shape, but the team have a good condition too, then we will wait for them again of the podium.