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14 January

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18 January

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    June 22, 2004 

GERG Hilde:
Today I have found the good lines, we know to compete with few visibility, the important thing is be fast however from the beginning at the end. Moreover I advantage from my experience that has helped me recover the misadventure of last year quickly. In the fast specialties is easier, thanks at the rays of curvature not too accented. I have not risked too in training last summer and now could push more in competition. Hilde, doesn't she think to the classification of Worldcup? The problem is the competitions of Giant slalom. Differences between the three competitions? Wednesday the number of start was not favorable, yesterday has done any error, has not had good lines, today all has gone well.

Renate, you have been second position in competition of today. Yes, I have missed a few of speed in the lower side of slope, but I could be satisfied it is not easy be on the podium in two days. Now you are in top of Worldcup. Is this important for you? No the season is yet long and there are many competitions. The visibility how was for you? We must run in all condition like today (of insufficient visibility), it was not easy find the good lines, but the problem was for everybody.

The your third placed today, what do you think? After Lake Luise is past a few of time, I have taken faith last days with of the good positionings and with the Olimpia delle tofane of today shorter, I could have risked more also if the visibility was not very good. Some long error all the run. What will it happen tomorrow as if the forecasts say, will the competition be in all its length? I think that the strong competitors will be those of today and I hope to be with them..