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May 1, 2002  

Winner in many competitions, today also for little, she is in front of all. She is very happy and she has not had misadventures begun the season well without problems. Do you think to the world cup? – No, I don’t think yet to the World Cup, I meantime focus me for the fast competitions- in fact in giant she doesn’t go very strong, for the moment her would win the Specialty Cup. She hopes to the next Olimpic games in the medal. PERNILLA and GOETSCHL are very strong and they could hope for to the victory too. I’am sorry only for the competition of the Olimpic Giant slalom, but ok it is the same.

She is very happy for the today result, the snow was soft, also if something has been wrong, but anyway it is ok. She has not able to achieve a good athletic shape till now , because in this summer she has not been able to work on the physical form. Infact till now she didn’t obtain a good preparation on the giant slalom, but she is entering form. What do you think about KOSTELIC? I think she is a STRONGER athlet and surely today she has done a good competition, in line with her athletic potentiality. She is searching new motivations to continuing win, but today she has had the certainty that will do well for the next Olimpic games.


Not very well in the giant slalom, with the competition of today in superG she has been able to find again the line in the curves, and she hopes to have a good shapes for the next Olimpic games. How do you feel ? I am late of training for the last misadventures, but I am taking back me well, infact she demonstrates this with the today result. Everybody could seen that I in the first part of competition go better always in perfect line, while the second part of race I lose time always. She in Cile has been successful to train but it is not jet to the maximum, she hopes to do well also for tomorrow

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