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June 26, 2002  

Renate, today strong, she today is fantastic, was a year that I didn’t win a Cup competition, I am happy for today for this big victory. The only victory she has been won was the last week. I am confident for the future, besides the pist was perfect and knew the trace well. No problem today, all has gone for the best. Additionally she feels shape in growth, she is recovering well, and the results are confirming her as she tells. Renate has decided to take the number 10 last night because knew that today the temperature would have been high and then the snow would have been slow, snow that she doesn’t love particularly.

Isolde Kostner:

The result of today, could you tell us anything? Were you nervous before the competition? Yes a little also for the fall of yesterday, I was a nervous before the start, also I wanted to give the maximum in the competition of today and also ran in Cortin at home and the pista has brought me fortune always. With today I have done a beautiful step ahead for the general classification, and I have more detachment of 100 points, then today is surely excellent also for the classification. Who do you fear more? The Goestchl is very strong now, at the moment she is most dangerous for the next race.


Second podium for Daniela, do her parents bring fortune? Yes. You are very calm for the competition, but my race has been a surprise, without enything to lose, I then have started well. The result of yesterday had reassured me, and today it has been gift that I am me made!. I hope for the next olimpic games to have the continuity of the moment in my race. Where is the most difficult competition? Yesterday, infact I must confirm the podium and must demonstrate that has not been a case.

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