19-20 January 2019
Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

15 days to go!

The countdown to the Ski World Cup races in Cortina starts


Date: 08/01/2016
Place: Cortina d'Ampezzo

The countdown to the Ski World Cup races in Cortina starts, but it is not an ordinary counting.  As a background, it has notes of his own, a year full of emotion written by a really native to Cortina, who has already put his talents to the service of this big event in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Simone Nucciotti, 29 years old and just graduated in composition and conducting at the Trieste Conservatory. A young life devoted to music, but in which there are traces of sport. "Until 14 years I competed for the Cortina Ski Club  - says Simone - and then I also attended the course for bob drivers, but I hadn’t the talent to go forward."

Yeah ... The talent is in short supply and it is almost impossible to have it available in more than one branch of life. His passion for music led him to Trieste, "But I always carry in my heart Cortina and its beauties." And heart can do miracles.

Again Nucciotti tells: "To my home town, to my valley, I have dedicated a piece, one of my things. It is titled: Ice, Steel and Heart. Then my father Fernando, who works with the organizing committee, dangled the idea of adapting the piece to the countdown to the start of the Ski World Cup. And I did it with enthusiasm."

But which notes should we expect? "It 's a symphonic text a bit in the wake of the great hymns, like those for the Olympics or World Championships. Many brass instruments, but basically with a sentimental soul. The complete piece is five minutes long, so for the countdown some clips have been used." Cortina and the Olympia delle Tofane track await Lindsey Vonn. Which notes will the US champion deserves? "Difficult question, but fascinating. Lindsey expresses so much femininity, but also power, aggression. I will try…"

You may find a preview at this link with the full text of Ice, Steel and Heart, an additional activity that is part of the communication project started by the Associazione Permanente Coppa del Mondo di Sci di Cortina d'Ampezzo three years ago and which includes, among many other  novelties, the new graphic introduced last October.


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