19-20 January 2019
Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

"Bis" by Lindsey Vonn in Cortina: beating the record of Proell and kissing her Tiger

After the downhill of yesterday the beautiful American dominates today even the superG on the Olympic Tofane track - Woods makes her a surprise and applauses her with masked face from the Rumerlo parterre: then together they flew by helicopter to Salzburg - 63rd success in the world Cup, the ninth in Ampezzo: "There is no most beautiful track than this one to celebrate my record" - Anna Fenninger and Tina Weirather with her on the podium - Daniela Merighetti takes a door in the face breaking her jaw and teeths - Nadia Fanchini finished eighth


Date: 19/01/2015 from 16.00
Place: Cortina d'Ampezzo

There was also Tiger. And Lindsey did not know. Now that's a surprise. And this is especially love. Among the queen of downhill skiing history, now you can say it, and no one can deny it anymore, and the greatest golfer of all times, who so far earned over one billion and three hundred million dollars like no other sportman  on earth. Woods was in Florida yesterday and this morning in Cortina. Yesterday Vonn won the downhill and he had seen her on television with their children Sam and Charlie in the States when it was still night. But now his woman could break the record of victories in the World Cup after having yesterday equaled the sixtytwo of Annemarie Moser Proell. And he could not miss the event. He decided in a jiffy to fly immediately with his private jet to Italy landing in Venice and then by helicopter reaching Cortina at dawn, kissed by the sun after yet another splash of snow during the night.

No one would have thought that Tiger was capable of doing such a thing. Probably even Lindsey. But the champions are born to amaze. Always. In sports as in life. Because they are special individuals. Moreover on Thursday next week Woods will return to compete in the first race of the new season of golf, at Phoenix in the Arizona desert. With the greens and the fairways among the cactus. Last year, Woods lost the number one in the world rankings and crashed to 32nd place in the ranking of the PGA because of a chain of repeated injuries to the knees and to the back that have often forced him to forfeit. He changed coach and is now champing at the bit. But he could not resist the idea of being on the Cortina’s Tofane Olympic track today. And he did not tell anyone, except the parents of Lindsey. Who kept the secret with her daughter.

It's obvious that Tiger has now stolen the stage in the theater of the Tofane to Lindsey: there is no doubt. Right in the day when she broke the record of Annemarie Moser Proell with a superG and a fabulous supremacy unimaginable before her return to the races in the downhill on 5 December in Lake Louise won by Tina Maze. And for the truth even Woods wanted to stay on the sidelines, away from photographers and from the limelight. But to a character of its thickness, for the first time in Cortina d'Ampezzo, would have been impossible to get little and go completely unnoticed. Although hooded that way, with dark glasses and a skeleton mask, white and black, on his face that covered his nose, mouth and skin, he looked more like a boy just back from the Halloween party than a champion so famous as reserved.

Again Tiger followed the descent of his beautiful lady on the giant screen, but in this occasion this didn’t brought bad luck. On The Contrary. Mixed among the people of the finish line at Rumerlo, on the track side, with Alan,  Lindsey father, he accompanied the last jump of Vonn towards the finish with the heart in the throat and applauded enthusiastically at the ninth triumph, the fifth super-G, on these snows of the extraordinary American champion. Who is also his girlfriend, as they say in these parts. The first to recognize him was Kristian Ghedina who accompanied him to the leaders' corner. Where was Lindsey, happy and smiling, along with Anna Fenninger and Tina Weirather who had again to give up their first success on the Olympia and settle with the umpteenth podium collected on the Ampezzo track.

It was him, Tiger Woods, they all understood it when Lindsey flew out of the box to embrace intensely his companion and even more when she kissed him on the mouth. Indeed on the mask. Even if the father and mother of Vonn until the last tried in vain to deny with a winning smile that this was really the phenomenon of golf. Which then holed up in the tent of FIS and sitting on a bench has tasted the award ceremony of Lindsey on the ice podium holding the crystal ball and the flag bearer of Liechtenstein to the Winter Games in Sochi. "There is no most beautiful track of Cortina in which to dream of beating the record of Moser Proell and split with Tiger this my delight. Neither I ever imagined that he could make me this surprise, much less think that my parents could keep it hidden to me ".

The best of the blue, red dressed, was then Nadia Fanchini, sister of Elena, who, despite having been very messy in the first section of the track until the entry into the forest, has closed at the eighth place with the same time of Elisabeth Goergl. While Francesca Marsaglia finished eleventh being ahead for a hundredth of a second Elena Curtoni and Julia Mancuso, also them ties. Basically three Italian among the top 12 of the super-G, with Dada out and Elena still celebrating the victory in Friday's downhill, is not a result absolutely to throw. Indeed, it is the sign of the rebirth of a sector that before Christmas appeared in deep crisis.


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