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Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

Lindsey Vonn flies to the top in the history of skiing, winking to her Cortina d'Ampezzo

The Sharon Stone of the snow equals the record of 62 victories in the World Cup established 35 years ago by Proell. The first to embrace her was the rival Tina Maze (fifth today) - Again on the podium of the Olympic track Daniela Merighetti - Great Italy: Elena Fanchini fourth and seventh Johanna Schnarf seventh - Second the timeless Elisabeth Goergl - Tomorrow the super-G at 10:45


Date: 18/01/2015 from 18.30
Place: Cortina 'd'Ampezzo

From where do we start? Today it is very difficult: Lindsey Vonn that equals the record of victories in the World Cup of Annemarie Moser Proell and marks the history of skiing with a smile that enchants all Cortina? Yes, probably from here: is the compulsory.  But we could also start from Daniela Merighetti who on the Olympic track Tofane already won three winters ago the downhill and this morning is back on the podium two years later  under the eyes of mom Nadia and dad John, the plumber, who could  no longer stay in their skin. While her fans on the stands were waving a sign that said all of their great faith: "On the podium who do you place? Dada Merighetti! ". Or from Elena Fanchini who confirmed with the fourth place today that the victory on Friday was not a case? The choice is very difficult!. Or from Elisabeth Goergl who is a very nice and sympathetic damper that, when you least expect it,  spring a fatal blow that leaves its mark? Before the descent of the doyenne Austrian, who will be 34 in a month, the last of the so called “the seven magnificent downhills” at  Rumerlo would have been  a perfect podium: Vonn, Merighetti, Fanchini. But you can not have everything in life. So how nice it is to start from the praises to the entire staff of Adolfo Menardi, said Baita, the race director, who worked in the storm until late at night and again before dawn to clear the track from a mountain of snow: over 60 thousand cubic meters.. I do not know if you even can get the idea!

A show within the show. And one story leads to another. Like cherries. Although January is the month of the oranges reddest then the apples, but also of the World Cup in Cortina d'Ampezzo. But the most beautiful of all is, perhaps because unexpected, the one of Tina Maze leaving the leaders' corner where she was together with the two blue skiers, Dada and Elena, and going back to the track to embrace tightly Lindsey Vonn who was dropped in the snow, after the finish line, even with skis on her feet, while she was celebrating in her own way the great dream finally realized right here at Cortina. And at least on our side already announced with the New Year wishes. They said that the two could not see each other . Friends never, but certainly not enemies. Certainly big rivals on the track. And also maybe at  burraco or poker. As it happens in all the leading ladies. Especially if beautiful and famous as the American and the Slovenian. Different in character and equal when they lose. Up to go even to dislike. But faced with such a big job like that to win 62 races of the World Cup, all walls and envy fall. And that's the beauty of sport. As of life. 

Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites, linked to Lindsey by a necklace of sweet memories and a double strand of love. Here, on the Olympia, Vonn, when it was still the girl Kildow and had twenty years, in fact, won his first podium of the World Cup. Third in downhill. Only beaten by Montillet and Goetschl. It was January 2004, another date to circle with pink pencil, like that of today. Since then eight wins in Cortina perfectly distributed: four downhill and four in super-G. Two from the primacy of the Ampezzo own Goetschl who has stopped to ten. Many numbers until losing the counting and tomorrow, in the super-G of 10:45, the wonderful chance to leave behind even the Proell and so bring down a record, 45 years old, who also weighed. It weighs a lot. Although today she again admitted in the press conference: "Mentally, this morning I did not think to the record, but only to win. And I was not impatient, despite the character is, at the starting gate. It 'obvious: I am overjoyed, but the greatest satisfaction of my career will always remain the Olympic gold medal in Vancouver. "

This time they started from up there. I.e. from Punta Anna. Close to the Middle Tofana. Where is detached from Rozes. At an altitude of 2320. Where the sky was blue. With the sun and only a thin strip of clouds at the entrance into the woods after the jump of the Duke of Aosta. Visibility therefore good, though not quite good for Johanna Schnarf, who raced with the number two, which in the fog, she told, made a couple of big mistakes of line from biting your fingers. Yet the bright Hanna was in the leaders' corner of the best three with Merighetti and Gisin until the descent of the Maze, bib # 16, to which her coaches had appropriately smoothed the track, and in any case has brought home a beautiful seventh place that well deserve her participation in the next World championship in the first two weeks of February in Vail, the home of the Sharon Stone of the Ampezzo snow.

At the finish of Rumerlo  Dada Merighetti immediately understood the she had made a great race. Comparable to the one  of 2012, when you won? We asked her at warm. And she, forthright like water replied: "Three years ago I had been perfect, but this time I was more lucky because with bib number 4 I faced a track that was not marked. Plus I cut too much the Grand Curvone and I do not even know how I managed to stay on track and not to lose, I hope, a lot of speed. " There, however, probably, she lost the first place and did not hit the encore of victories in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Also because Vonn and Goergl were even more fortunate of the 33-year old Brescia since they could have also had a snow under the skis not really hard, but instead flew on arrival with the clouds that had suddenly opened in their path and especially with the sun which had contributed to speed up the Olympic track.

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