19-20 January 2019
Olympia delle Tofane - Cortina d'Ampezzo

Half a meter of snow in Tofana: the downhill of Cortina postponed to tomorrow

The start tomorrow from Punta Anna at 11,00 - The super-G also slipped twenty-four hours , taking take place Monday at 10:30 always on the Tofane Olympic track - After yesterday triumph Elena Fanchini has joined the elite of the magnificent seven of the downhill World Cup, with Vonn and Maze


Date: 17/01/2015 from 11.00
Place: Cortina d'Ampezzo

Weather forecasts are less and less wrong, and also this time they have been exact in full. After heavy rain last night in the village and the rise in temperature above freezing point, this morning Cortina d'Ampezzo woke up all white and covered with a blanket of snow which in Tofana exceeded half a meter. Consequently the FIS jury, even before dawn, decided to postpone of twenty-four hours the second downhill race on the Olympic track of Tofane, after the one won yesterday by Elena Fanchini. It should not snow intensely after three p.m. today. Anyway, tomorrow at noon the sky should clear up and, why not, before sunset we will see the reappearance the sun on the beautiful Dolomite valley.

Consequently, the program of the big Ampezzo’s event, now at its twenty-third consecutive edition, shall simply slip by a day. Tomorrow morning there will be the downhill, probably departing from Punta Anna, above the Pomedes hut, at an altitude of 2320 meters, and Monday the super-G, which will start from Tofane Schuss 160 meters downstream. The new start times of the two races of the World Cup are already set, with their relevant live television broadcasting on Raisport 1 and Eurosport: tomorrow at 11,00 the downhill and the super-G at 10.30 on Monday. They will be confirmed tonight by Atle Skaardal, chief race director of the international federation, at the team leader's meeting scheduled at 17,00 in the Alexander Girardi Hall.

They have not even waited even the dawn the four snowmobiles to get on track and begin to remove the fresh snow together with all the men of the president Enrico Valle and of his closest collaborators, the race director Adolfo Menardi and track director Fernando Nucciotti.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed for 18:15 tonight the bib draw for the tomorrow downhill at the Angelo Dibona square, at the foot of the historic bell tower of the church of Saints Philip and Saint James in the heart of Cortina, sparkling with its new lighting.

Yesterday Lindsey Vonn was allotted the number 17. A number that leads good to somebody and evil to somebody else. Or does not say anything to almost all ski champions who do not dress the Italian blue livery. Anyway, Elena Fanchini had liked 18. But, much more important is to emphasize the fact that the girl from Brescia Val Camonica, after the triumph of yesterday in Cortina, has joined the privileged club of the magnificent seven of the downhill world Cup along with Tina Maze and Tina Weirather, Anna Fenninger - the holder of the crystal ball -, as well as Lindsey Vonn, Lara Gut and Elisabeth Goergl. And among these, only the Austrian Fenninger and the Liechtensteiner Weirather have never won at least once on the Olympia delle Tofane track.

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